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Horse Armour


Welcome to our guide on Vehicles in Rust. Whether they're big or whether they're small, all have been included! An example of some of the vehicles that will be covered are boats, mini-copters and horses!…

Getting Tool’d Up

Welcome to the Rustoria guide on Tools in Rust. There are several tools that you will craft and use whilst playing Rust, some of which are better than others. Read our guide below to find…

Hidden Valley

Getting Started in Rust

So you've finally decided to give in and purchase Rust, eh? Once downloaded and installed there are a couple of choices you need to make before you get going in order to have the optimal experience on Rust. The menu screen shown below will help you out with this. (more…)

The Bandit Camp

The Bandit Camp

The Bandit Camp (or Bandit Town) is a type of Monument in Rust. Set in a swamp, it contains multiple huts housing merchant NPCs, as well as heavy armed bandit town guards which protect certain areas of the encampment. The Bandit Camp also provides moderately easy access to a repair bench, recycler and research table. (more…)

The Airfield

The Airfield is a monument found on procedurally generated maps in Rust. The airfield is considered to be one of the most popular areas for players to explore as it provides various loot spawns and easy access to many utilities. This means that the airfield is frequently contested by players, despite the entire perimeter of the area being irradiated with low levels of radiation. (more…)

Satellite Dish Array

The Satellite Dish Array is a medium-sized monument found on procedurally generated maps in Rust. It is generally located in a hilly area and features two satellite dishes, one of which is completed, whilst the other is still under construction. Each of these satellite dishes features a walkway that allows the player to climb mid-way up the dish. (more…)

Sphere Tank

Sphere Tank (“The Dome”)

The “Sphere Tank”, more popularly known as the “Dome” is a monument found on procedurally generated maps in Rust. Coming in as one of the smaller and less lucrative destinations for players to visit, the dome has low levels of radiation and is also one of the only monuments that does not feature a recycler. (more…)

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