• Signing up/Subbing

    ➞ You are not allowed to participate in a Base Invaders event if you have an active Rustoria.co ban, or if you have a Rust gameban within the last year. You’re allowed one alt game ban in total.  Players with another Game/VAC ban are permitted to play if the ban is >120 days (Perm if caught using an alt/bypassing.) You can always appeal your ban by making a ticket.

    ➞ VPNs and Proxies are not allowed.  However, you’re able to request a whitelist at discord.gg/baseinvaders by opening a ticket.

    ➞ Teams with a name deemed inappropriate will be asked to change their name

    ➞ Subbing closes 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start. This cannot be changed.

    ➞ Teams will be approved on the Sunday at least one hour before the event as the teams are manually checked.

    ➞ Any form of racism, homophobic, excessively toxic team/player names will get you banned.

    ➞ Players could be removed from the event, for using staff member names instead of their own

    ➞ We encourage all players to use the same name each week in the events.

  • Game Rules

    ➞ The event winning team is decided by:

    1. Team has the last standing Tool Cupboard.

    2. If multiple Teams/TC’s are left, the team with the most points will be selected as the winner.

    3. If a situation occurs where there are two winning teams, the prize pool will be split.

    ➞ During the entirety of the event, you will need more than 50% of your team to be online or you will be eliminated.

    ➞ Set multipliers: – Custom Loot Tables, 20x Gather Rate, All blueprints provided, No workbench required. (No BPs, No WB)

    ➞ Grace Period: • During the grace period we allow:

    – The stealing and claiming of helicopters, vehicles and horses. (Claiming -> Remaining in the driver seat.)

    ➞ During the grace period we do not allow:

    – Any sort of griefing to players and bases. (E.g. Walling in a player, Obstructing the development of a base with a vehicle/helicopter.)

    – If a player is building foundations you CANNOT place a tool cupboard and claim that area. Once a team has built foundations they claim that area.

    – Any sort of damage to players. (Usage of a vehicle/helicopter to damage and/or kill a player.)

    ➞ During the entirety of the event:

    – Any form of cheating, scripting, bug abusing will get you eliminated/blacklisted.

    – Any form of racism, homophobic, excessive toxicity or any actions with serious malicious intent will get you muted, eliminated or blacklisted.

    – Alliances and aiding other teams will result in each person involved getting a month blacklist.

    – Any form of funneling outside or inside of your base is not permitted. You may also not wall yourself in.

    – No heli bomb. Taking a minicopter/Scrap heli and crashing into players/bases to blow them up.

    Placing weapons on unstashed nakeds to get points when killing them

    ➞ The scoreboard is final unless there is video evidence of a rule break or bug.

    ➞ English only in Discord and in-game chat

  • Building Rules
    You are not allowed to build multiple bases. This includes:
    -FOBS, Raid Bases, and Twig Towers (Including PVP Phase). However, you’re only allowed to place foundations with beds and boxes placed on top- walls are not allowed with the exception of high walls. Foundations need to be attached with each other and only one on half height difference is allowed.
    Your TC must be directly behind a door/window/ladder hatch, with a direct path to said location, that is able to be traversed regardless of height.  It must also be passable and accessible where a player can stand where the TC once stood when destroyed without the destruction of any entity.:
    • We allow:
    – A single window frame and window in front of the TC.
    – A tool cupboard can be replaced during grace period using the /destroy_tc command in-game.
    – Airlock on gates
    • We do not allow:
    – Hiding your TC behind placeable objects.
    – Sealing off TC. (Will lead to a blacklist from our events.)
    – Putting a shutter behind the TC’s window.
    – Extending foundations past your external walls to prevent people from building.
    – Using Christmas lights to cover turrets.
    Each base is limited to:
    – 1 Compound layer(including china walls), Placing a wall in front of a gate is allowed.
    – Maximum 1 layer of metal barricades behind the high external walls (behind the compound) is allowed.
    – 1 auto turrets, 1 shotgun trap, 1 flame turret. Bunker designs of any sort are not permitted, windows being used as doors included. (edited)
  • Raiding & Defending

    When a part of the base is destroyed, a raid zone will go up. This raid zone will be displayed on the map as a red circle. While the raid zone is up, the defenders can earn up to 40 points depending on the length of the raid. The longer it takes, the more points. (Capped at 40 & Doesn’t include kills.) This feature is in beta and under development and testing. If you find any bug with it or do not get points please shadow play that moment and send it to the manager of the event.

    • Should less than 50% of the team remain during PVP phase they will be eliminated along with their TC unless an opposing team has access directly to their TC.

  • Streaming

    ➞ We allow you to stream our events. However you are responsible to take all the precautions to prevent stream sniping; Delay, hiding TC, etc.

    ➞ We do NOT allow stream sniping. This is ban-able

    ➞ If you are a recognized streamer (content creator in this discord) you can submit-a-ticket if you suspect someone stream sniping. Please provide us with evidence so we can take actions.

    ➞ If you like to become a recognized streamer submit-a-ticket

    If you make a report of streamsniping and haven’t taken the proper precautions such as hiding your TC and putting a delay on we will not accept your report and no punishments will be issued.

  • Additional Information

    Point System –

    Killing a player → +1 Point

    Securing a Bradley Crate → +3 Points

    Securing a Patrol Heli Crate → +3 Points

    Hackable Crates → +10 Points

    Defending a raid → (Up to) +40 Points (In Beta Refer to Raiding/Defence for more info)

    Destroying an enemy TC → +40 Points

    Blacklisted items –

    » Silencer

    » hmlmg

    » Double Barrel

    » Snap traps

    » Solar Panel

    » Wind Turbine

    » 8x Scope

    » Heavy Plate Armor

    » All battery tiers (Use a generator.)

    » Spikes

    » Computer station

    » Land mines

    » Molotov Cocktail

    » Flashbangs

    » Incendiary 5.56 rifle ammo

    » Incendiary pistol ammo

    » Incendiary rockets

    » Satchels

    » F1 Grenades

    » Fireworks (all types)

    » Smoke Grenades

    » Watch Towers

    External Links –

    Event Registration/Signup Form →https://rustoria.co/signups/

    Base Invaders Discord →https://discord.gg/baseinvaders

    Rustoria Discord → https://discord.gg/rustoria

  • Integrity

    During our events, we expect you to honor the competitive integrity of our event. Going against it will get you removed from the event, examples of this are: Building an extremely easy to raid base or in general any form of roleplaying.

    ➞ We recommend playing the event like you would in vanilla because (even though we try) we cannot see everything. (Don’t have your furnaces outside, park your helicopters on your roof, etc..)

    ➞ Placing your TC in the middle of your base is obvious, try placing it in a less obvious spot that follows our rules. (E.g. Make a bigger airlock disguised in the design.)

    ➞ We announce our events every Wednesday (or the days after) & host them every Sunday. Please Note

    ➞ We are still in beta, it is not impossible to experience bugs/glitches during an event. We ask that you report any bugs/glitches to us, if caught (ab)using them a severe punishment will be issued.

    ➞ Excessive arguing or disrespect towards staff will lead to action being taken against you. (Disqualification, mute, ..)

    ➞ Claiming to be a cheating as a “joke” could lead to a permanent blacklist.

    Players can be removed/blacklisted/muted by staff at any time, for any reason, with evidence undisclosed.