Lately, we have been focusing our efforts in other areas of the Rust community. We have recently acquired 2 well established communities. Most of you have likely heard of them.


Base Invaders is a weekly tournament with free signups with $$ prizes. You kill players, raid bases and take down helicopters for points. When the timer is up, the team with the most amount of points, wins! This is a community with high potential and we plan to add other game modes to the mix as time goes on. I have personally been working on improving the server-side features, UI and plugins. There is an event this saturday that you should totally come and try out! It’s a :dollar: $50 :dollar: prize pool featuring FREE SIGNUPS. All you need to do is have a team of 5 players to signup! Join the Discord here: – Check the announcements channel for instructions for signing up to the event!


This community has some of the most skilled and competitive Rust players in it, in the entire Rust community. There is an active staff team over here along with active players who actively engage in clan scrims, events and just Rust clan drama. If you have a team and want to join in, be sure to head over! You can get your clan a role if you have been around for a while and you can also play against other clans and keep track of the scores on a clan tag basis. This Discord needs some :heart: however, which we plan to give it over time as well.

We plan to stream all big events, in both Discords when they occur on our Twitch over at – we’ll be streaming the Base Invaders tournament tomorrow.

We ALSO are working on some juicy updates for our servers currently!