The Satellite Dish Array is a medium-sized monument found on procedurally generated maps in Rust. It is generally located in a hilly area and features two satellite dishes, one of which is completed, whilst the other is still under construction. Each of these satellite dishes features a walkway that allows the player to climb mid-way up the dish.

Satellite Dish Array

The Satellite Dish Array provides access to both a recycler and a research table, with the recycler being in the unfinished satellite dish and the research table being in the finished version of the dish.

Satellite Walkway

In addition to this, there are generally crates located on the walkways of each dish and these are generally generic loot crates that can contain food or components. There are also two small metal sheds on the outskirts of the area that have the potential to contain large medical crates, or military crates.

Satellite ShedsThe area itself is also littered with multiple barrels and food creates which make this a great area to pick up some items when you are starting out, keeping in mind that it has only low levels of radiation, so no equipment is required to loot this area.

Area Overview


Satellite Overview
An overview of the satellite dish array, showing the sheds (top left), repair bench (center) and recycler (top right)