The Bandit Camp (or Bandit Town) is a type of Monument in Rust. Set in a swamp, it contains multiple huts housing merchant NPCs, as well as heavy armed bandit town guards which protect certain areas of the encampment. The Bandit Camp also provides moderately easy access to a repair bench, recycler and research table.

In the bandit camp you will find various different merchant NPCs that you can interact with. Each merchant sells items revolving around the sign you are able to find next to their shop. For example, a merchant standing near the “food” sign will trade food such as tuna and seeds for scrap, whilst a merchant standing near the “scrap exchange” sign will allow you to trade your spare resources for scrap.

The food market

In addition to boasting access to the above, the Bandit Camp also provides players with the means to gamble their spare scrap. The largest building in the Bandit Camp contains a large roulette wheel where players can use their spare scrap. The room is protected by heavy-armed bandits who will attack players carrying weapons if they do not put them away within four seconds.

In order to successfully gamble, any players wishing to participate must simply sit down on one of the sofas and click on the small metal box on either their left or right. An interface appears with multiple boxes corresponding to a number on the roulette wheel. In order to play, the player must drag scrap from their inventory into one of the first slots, locking their bet in. After around 20 seconds, the roulette wheel will spin. The winner can access their winnings through the same interface they used to place the bet.

The Roulette Wheel

The interface used in order to place bets and receive your winnings can be seen below.

Gambling Interface

Area Overview

Below is an overview of the buildings and the surrounding area of the Bandit Camp. The recycler, repair bench and research table can all be found on the second floor of the buildings outlined below. The recycler is in the roulette building, meaning that carrying a weapon whilst inside this building will flag you for combat if you are unable to sheath your weapon quickly. In addition, the roulette wheel can be found in the room next to the recycler, making them both easy to locate.

Bandit Camp Overview
An overview of the bandit camp showing the recycler (bottom-left), the research table (middle) and the repair bench (top-right).